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    The Latest from Adexchange...
The Latest from Adexchange...

Ghostbusters: driving sales for Merlin

December 16

We’re delighted to be helping Merlin Germany launch Ghostbusters – the exciting new 5D ride. Our dual language phone messaging is to be carefully positioned within the customer journey to increase average transaction values (ATV) and promote cross sales. Goes live immediately!

Languages for Digitalk

November 16

Good news! Adexchange have secured a deal with the telecoms provider, Digitalk, to supply messaging across Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. Our multilingual prompts from mother tongue voiceovers will ensure Digitalk platforms are clear, professional and effective. Can’t wait to get started!

AEG go multilingual

October 16

We’re delighted to announce the world’s leading sports and entertainment presenter has turned to Adexchange for multilingual messaging. It’s critical AEG immediately secures a supply of professional Swedish and German prompts – mother tongue speakers with warm, clear scripts. We’re on it!

Adexchange improve self-serve rates

September 16

The Student Loans Company need to identify and verify every call, but only 34% of callers were successfully using the automated ID&V platform. Our re-design is now live, and the new caller journey has pushed self-serve rates from 34% to 55%. Huge savings!

Adexchange go global with Smith & Nephew

August 16

The multinational medical business Smith & Nephew needs a single point of contact for their 15,000 staff, and we’re happy to help. We’re working across telecoms in 13 languages delivering scripts, messages, voices and design. To be live in 3 weeks!

Hello Wembley!

July 16

The SSE Arena Wembley called to say they’re swamped with enquiries, could we help? A quick IVR re-design (self-help options, information blocks etc.) and a programme of regular updates and it’s all fixed: reduced workload for staff and quicker, more accurate answers for callers. Happy to help!

Dixons Carphone Reduce Emails

June 16

With thousands of emails to respond to everyday its critical Dixons Carphone achieve first time resolution – but until now replies have created more contact and failed to reflect the brand. So we’re thrilled to develop workshops, training and templates to fix the problem. Launching soon!

Hampton Court Palace and The Agile IVR

May 16

With information set to constantly change HCP Festival needs an agile IVR ready for June. We’re on the case! Listen out for our real-time solution offering instant updates and the latest news on tickets, performances and parking. The perfect solution! .

Airbus & Adexchange

April 16

The multinational aerospace and defence corporation Airbus have turned to Adexchange for IVR support – and we’re delighted. We’re helping more callers reach the right place first time with better scripts, more accurate localisation and a bank of German messages. Great job!

Adexchange empties Wine Cellar!

March 16

We’re delighted to report Telegraph Wine have asked us to help empty their cellar. We’ve been tasked to design an IVR that measurably increases sales. It’s a great challenge for our writers: who can draft the most successful script? Bottle of Chardonnay for the winner…

Camelot chooses Adexchange

February 16

The operator of one of the world’s most successful lotteries has chosen to extend its relationship with us – and we’re thrilled! We’ll be optimising Camelot’s IVR journeys, supplying professional messaging and ensuring the customer experience matches the brand. Great job!

Legoland Deutschland and Adexchange

January 16

We're delighted to announce we’ve been chosen by LEGOLAND Germany to support their IVR. New recordings, a new voice and a new service designed to reduce the workload reaching agent. We start immediately. Ausgezeichnet!

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