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    The Latest from Adexchange...
The Latest from Adexchange...

Helping The LEGO® Group deliver brilliant Digital CX

December 19

Renowned for exceptional CX, The LEGO® Group wanted to ensure it was delivering the best possible digital experience. They asked us to benchmark current trends and strategies to identify opportunities for the brand to take forward – a really enjoyable project!

Improving Customer Insight for Student Loans Company

November 19

Driven by a desire to improve customer experience, the Student Loans Company asked Adexchange to assess its customer surveys. We jumped at the chance, identifying opportunities to reduce survey length while increasing customer participation and engagement.

Adexchange navigate a better journey for Thames Clippers

October 19

Thames Clippers operate the fastest and most frequent fleet of boats on the River Thames, but their IVR needed a power boost. Adexchange have come aboard to design a better customer journey, delivering more callers to the right teams and increasing digital take-up.

'Insuring' the customer journey for Admiral

September 19

As one of the UK’s top three car insurance companies and boasting over six million customers, Admiral have come to Adexchange to update and improve the customer journey; reducing phone contact, transfers and negative abandonment. We’ve got it covered!

Cromwell tool up with Adexchange

August 19

It’s essential the UK’s largest tool supplier, Cromwell, handles customers efficiently and effectively – so we’re delighted they’ve turned to Adexchange for support! We’re benchmarking current journeys and designing solutions to fit on their existing technology. A low-cost solution with high impact!

Adexchange deliver on Waitrose deliveries

July 19

Waitrose are launching a new delivery service and it’s essential their customers enjoy a smooth and efficient experience. To ensure success, they’ve called on Adexchange to redesign and build their updated IVR structure. Everything’s recorded and we’re ready to launch!


Video animations drive Smith & Nephew self-service

June 19

Multinational medical equipment company Smith & Nephew asked us to create some helpful training video animations for their English and Asian markets. The videos are a success - helping to drive self-service and reducing helpdesk queries!

Purplebricks move to Adexchange

May 19

The UK’s biggest Estate Agent has called on Adexchange to help smooth the customer journey. With millions of contacts every year Purplebricks need buyers and sellers to reach the right place first time: both online and on the phone. Great project

Buckingham Palace re-signs Adexchange

April 19

We’re delighted to announce Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle have chosen to extend their relationship with us. All the Queen’s residences are to be supplied with Adexchange messaging for some time to come. Honoured!

Historic Royal Palaces email optimisation

March 19

After helping the organisation behind Hampton Court Palace and Tower of London deliver a successful GDPR campaign, we’re delighted to be asked to improve their emails. Our new templates will improve CX and drive online self-service – watch this space!

Taylor Wimpey build on Adexchange success

February 19

Following a 12-month operation to evaluate customer contact – Adexchange continue to support one of the UK’s biggest house builders with their future CS plans. Look out for ground-breaking ideas, a world class operation and an approach not seen before in the construction sector. Exciting!

Camelot hit the jackpot with Adexchange

January 19

Camelot Group, operators of the UK National Lottery, have asked Adexchange to offer continued support for their IVR systems, providing a top quality, professional voice and the ability to turn recordings around within minutes!

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