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    The Latest from Adexchange...
The Latest from Adexchange...

Admiral, Adexchange and the customer journey

June 21

Following a successful IVR rebuild we’re thrilled to announce we’re extending our support across all Admiral customer journeys. We’re to enhance everything from first time resolution rates to the natural language speech interface. We can’t wait!

Building with the LEGO Group

May 21

We’re beyond thrilled the LEGO Group have renewed their partnership with us for another year. We’ll be focusing on improving their end-to-end customer journeys, delivering content writing workshops and creating video articles – all to help improve their employee experiences.

Trilanco sign Adexchange

April 21

The multi award-winning exporter of equine, pet and agricultural products, Trilanco, have asked us to help cement their world class CX. It’s an ambitious programme of new messaging, new resources and a new approach: It’s an honour to be involved!

Helping Domestic & General improve their customer journeys

March 21

The UK’s leading appliance care company are on a mission to better understand their customer contact. First things first, they’ve asked us to run a project to identify the top reasons for transferred calls. We’re rolling up our sleeves already!

Waitrose and Adexchange: the partnership

February 21

We’re delighted one of the UK’s biggest and best loved Supermarkets have chosen Adexchange to support their customer facing communications. We’re to continually improve the effectiveness and quality of the customer journey: It’s all about quality, effectiveness and CX. Great job!

Adexchange and the public sector 

January 21

With Government departments facing a surge in divorce, probate and social security cases – we’re pleased to announce Adexchange are stepping up to help. More effective messaging, better routing and a drive to digital will soon go live – improving the journey for those in need.

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