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    The Latest from Adexchange...
The Latest from Adexchange...

Camelot hit the jackpot with Adexchange

December 20

Camelot, runners of the UK’s national lottery, know they’ve got the winning combination with Adexchange. Yet again, we’ll be supporting all their IVR needs, managing the messages on their 24/7 phone lines, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing agent workload.

Adexchange welcome aboard Uber Boat by Thames Clippers

November 20

Uber has taken to London’s waterways and asked Adexchange to make their IVR and onboard announcements shipshape. Over the next three years we’ll be increasing digital take-up on the IVR and welcoming passengers on board their fleet of boats.

Reducing agent workload for HRP

October 20

As soon as Historic Royal Palaces opened the drawbridges again, they were inundated with membership calls. Our expert review of the IVR layout and wording improved the customer journey, increased online diverts and reduced agent phone contact by almost 70%. What a result!

Driving Digital for Autoglass

September 20

It’s critical the UK’s leading glass repair and replacement company encourages more customers to book online – and they’ve asked Adexchange to help. We’re to spearhead a digital review: identifying friction, opportunity and immediate benefits. We’re already on it - so watch this space!

Currys PC World drive up digital rates with Adexchange

August 20

Currys PC World needed to increase their Web Chat and Digital engagement… fast! We gave them a portfolio of cost effective ‘quick fixes’ to help. Fast forward a month and digital engagement levels are way up – and continue to rise. We’re delighted!

Royal Collection Trust

July 20

We’re delighted to announce Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle have chosen to extend their relationship with Adexchange! Following an extensive competitive process, The Royal Collection have asked us to supply messaging for all The Queen’s residences for many years to come. Honoured!

Driving FAQ Usage for The O2

June 20

The world’s busiest music arena, The O2, have asked Adexchange to improve their FAQ’s so they don’t just offer amazing performances, but an amazing customer experience too. Before, during and after a show!


Domestic & General re-sign with Adexchange

May 20

We’re thrilled the UK’s leading appliance care company have chosen to extend their relationship with us. This time around, we’re not just working on IVR improvements… we’ve been asked to drive up digital self-service rates too. Watch this space!

British Canoeing come onboard

April 20

We’re delighted to announce British Canoeing have chosen Adexchange to upgrade their Customer Facing Output (CFO). We’re to start work right away – helping callers reach the right department first time with professional, effective and on-brand comms.

Purplebricks relaunches Live Chat with Adexchange

March 20

The UK’s biggest estate agent is known for its online presence. We’ve rewritten, streamlined and relaunched their Live Chat service. This saves vital agent time, reduces workload, and gets consistent and current information to customers, as quick as a click.

Office Depot turn to Adexchange

February 20

It’s critical Europe’s number 1 reseller of office products handles customer contact more efficiently – so we’re delighted to help. We’re squeezing more out of existing technology: raising order values and reducing agent workload. Great project and we’re on it already!

Barchester find a home with Adexchange

January 20

Barchester care homes always tailor their services to meet their residents needs. With Adexchange’s help, they’re taking this one step further. We’re converting text into audio for partially sighted residents, reviewing the top customer facing documents and supplying content in English, Welsh and Portuguese!

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