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    What our clients say
What our clients say
"Adexchange re-designed the IVR routing plan, re-wrote all the prompts and supplied over 200 messages for launch. Now the caller journey time has reduced by 65% - agent time is deployed more effectively, IT capacity is better utilised and customers are happier!"
Call Centre Manager
"Adexchange create Emails, Web Pages, SMS messages and IVR recordings for us in 19 languages. Whatever their chosen channel Dell customers enjoy a joined-up, positive experience. Adexchange are all you could want from service professionals! Expertise, integrity, value, commitment, reliable and easy to work with. I recommend them!"
Global Business Process Manager
Kensington Palace
"Adexchange write our messages, record them (with our chosen professional voice), tell us when messages need changing – and even change them for us. They really take a load of my desk!"
Visitor Manager
"Adexchange made a real effort to develop a service that exactly matched our needs (and our budget…). They’re professional, flexible, very experienced and a joy to work with – I’m glad we found them and I recommend them."
Call Centre Manager
"I wanted to streamline our IVRs – and deliver more callers to the right place first time. Adexchange were brilliant! They showed us how to design more effective menus and how to influence caller behaviour with well-crafted phrasing. With agent time saved the ROI is even better than I hoped."
Planning and Resource Manager
"We’d invested a lot of capital in our IVR … but our customers were still hearing hesitant amateur messages… our Call Centre sounded more like a home answer machine than a multi-million pound operation. It was time for a re-think!"
Customer Service Manager
"We needed to untangle our IVR and stop wasting agent time transferring calls. Adexchange did a tremendous job re-arranging our current system so it worked better. We now always use them whenever we need to improve performance – they simply bring so much experience to the table they’re invaluable."
Customer Experience Director
"The phone is central to our business, so our messages are absolutely critical. I chose Adexchange as our supplier because they offer more than just professional voices and writers - they bring real insight. Their experience helped us support our brand and optimise our call flows. Their approach is fantastic: positive, no nonsense – a real asset to a project!"
Head of Telecoms
Football Pools
"I wanted our callers to press the right buttons - and reach the right agent. Adexchange re-designed our routing plan, re-scripted the words and supplied a great voice. Now my agents spend less time transferring calls. Adexchange really delivered."
Contact Centre Director
Historic Places
"Historic Royal Palaces have used Adexchange for 10 years now. A proactive and reactive organisation who ensure that all our communication with the outside world - both web and recorded information - is co-ordinated and passionate. It's like having an enthusiastic sponsor cheering HRP on!"
Telecom and IT Manager
"Adexchange provide great advice and guidance in helping us implement our IVR. They mapped out previously cluttered routes and provided a good concise solution, then managed the co-ordination and deployment with several internal stakeholders. Excellent."
Sales and Marketing Manager
"Adexchange are masters of the art in the unique space they operate in - influencing caller behaviour, driving contacts to the most effective channel, and making those channels ever more efficient. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and consistently deliver against challenging goals using simple, logical and highly effective solutions which deliver real and immediate results. From analysis of issues to quality of IVR recordings, Adexchange are second to none. For anyone who thinks their contact channels are efficient, I encourage you to speak to Adexchange for a second opinion."
Global Service Desk Director

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