Sustainability Policy

Mission Statement

We commit to running our business responsibly: reducing our environmental impact to the minimum it can be, and to be an example of considerate small business within our community.  We aim to

  • Exceed relevant regulatory requirements;
  • Continually improve and reduce our environmental impacts;
  • Incorporate sustainability factors into business decisions;
  • Engage our employees in the vision.

In The Business

  • We will reduce, reuse and recycle all paper and packaging where possible;
  • We will seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible;
  • We will consider every new purchase with the environment in mind;
  • We will dispose of our waste responsibly, preferring to recycle and donate;
  • We will only travel when necessary for the benefit of the business;
  • We will encourage car sharing and use of public transport where possible;
  • We will promote the use of new IT to reduce travel (e.g. remote studio link-ups, online conferencing and webinars, enabling staff to connect in from home via VPN);
  • We will be a responsible employer.  We commit to equality, diversity and inclusion.  Staff wellbeing will be considered in every business decision.

In The Community

  • We will support our local shop;
  • We will support the village Post Office;
  • We will support the village pub which is a community pub by using it for meetings and celebrations. The Directors support it through purchase of no-profit shares;
  • We will use local businesses and suppliers and employ local people;
  • We will make annual charitable donations and will involve our staff, suppliers and clients in the choice of which charities to support;
  • We will offer quality work experience to local schoolchildren;
  • We will support local clubs and organisations with sponsorship and practical help.


  • The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the Sustainability Policy is implemented;
  • Employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met;
  • We will share this policy with our suppliers;
  • We will review this policy annually.

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