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Releasing Agent Time

June 18

The UK’s leading electrical retailer, Dixons Carphone has asked us to help untangle the customer journey. It’s a massive project across digital, phone and agent interaction. We’re already on it: redesigning, rewriting and streamlining every process. It’s moving fast so watch this space!

Driving portal self-service

May 18

Smith & Nephew need to reduce unnecessary contact by improving their online portal experience. We’re auditing and improving the key user journeys and rewriting knowledge articles – all of which will measurably reduce contact and improve customer experience. 

Streamlining the Student Loans Company

April 18

The company behind UK student loans needs to reduce agent workload – and they’ve asked us to help! We’re focusing on key touchpoints across email, text and web – improving the customer journey and saving agent time. Project starts immediately.

Royal Palace goes digital

March 18

Hampton Court Palace have asked Adexchange to help launch a digital visitor experience! It’s critical the Palace offers accurate, high-quality audio, visuals and text. Our team of 14 specialists are on it - overseeing all 9 languages. Launch imminent!

Digitalk, Amharic and Adexchange

February 18

Here at Adexchange we cover over 30 languages, so when cloud-based communications platform, Digitalk, asked us to add another to that list, we couldn’t resist. Say hello, or “እው ሰላም ነው” to Amharic. Ethiopia’s official language, spoken by over 9 million people.

Building better Customer Experience

January 18

Taylor Wimpey, one of the largest British based housebuilding companies, have asked Adexchange to analyse their Customer Experience across all customer contact channels. We’re excited to start laying the foundations for more efficient and effective first-class Customer Experience.

Driving Contact Online

December 17

We’re to help the UK’s leading short-term car insurer drive their digital transformation project! It’s a great job – moving customer contact from phone to online. We’re already rewriting FAQs, creating knowledge articles and promoting online self-help. So watch this space!

Adexchange to boost The O2’s email CX

November 17

The world’s most popular music venue, The O2, have brought in Adexchange to improve their email customer satisfaction rates. First on the list? Customer complaints. We’re re-vamping their wording and phrasing to make the emails shorter, clearer and more effective.

Hampton Court Palace and Adexchange

October 17

Hampton Court Palace needs our help with a new Digital Video Guide! It's a multi-lingual unit packed with images, text and audio, guiding visitors around the palace. We're supporting all 9 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese. Goes live soon!

Adexchange, LEGO®, Email and Chat

September 17

We’re thrilled the world’s largest toy company has asked Adexchange to support their agents with Email and Chat. We’re to work across the UK, US, Germany, Holland, France and Korea ensuring LEGO® customer service remains the best in class. Great job!

Adexchange Video Articles to improve self-serve rates

August 17

Multinational medical business, Smith & Nephew have turned to Adexchange to convert their old-style knowledge articles (with text and still images) into short, punchy, branded videos - improving self-serve rates and saving agent time.

Team Knowhow transformation with Adexchange

July 17

Dixons Carphone, Europe’s leading electrical, telecoms and services retailer, launch Team Knowhow with a little help from Adexchange. We were on hand to seamlessly transform all Geek Squad and Knowhow IVR messages to become the 24/7 Team Knowhow service.

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