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Shifting Left: The People Pleaser with Measurable Results

Shifting left is about bringing solutions closer to customers. This also means taking problems further away from skilled agents. The endgame for both parties is one bumper prize: more time.

In a perfect world, a successful shift left is solving a problem altogether.  No one needs to ask or answer a question at all. Because ideally, the answer’s self-explanatory.

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Communicate This

Sunshine, water, belly laughs, fresh air, running around, sleep.

Some of life’s single ingredients which solve mountains of problems.

Has anyone told you the vital one for business?

As it’s communication, let’s keep talking!

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Survey Tips - How To Design An Effective Survey?

People who think getting someone to commit to marriage is hard, clearly haven’t asked a customer to complete a survey.

Even if a customer says yes, we keep the champagne on ice, because many don’t stick around to answer the full questionnaire. Sadly, being jilted around the question 20 altar is not uncommon in surveyland. Appealing for the completed document can be a very short, somewhat crushing, engagement.

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What Is Customer Journey Mapping

Paolo Nutini once put some new shoes on.

In the world of customer journey mapping, he had the right idea. Our own pair simply won’t do.

Whether they are well-worn Doc Martens, mud splattered wellies, sun-cracked flip-flops or polished brogues, it’s the shoes of our various customers we need to walk in.

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Why aren’t we writing effective emails?

It isn’t for a want of trying, that’s for sure. But here’s the harsh reality.

Even if you write a good email, imploring someone to read it is a whole different story.

For starters, we definitely shouldn’t use words like ‘implore’.

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Dealing in Digital Transformation

There’s a reason contact centre is an ever more relevant term than call centre.

In the age of digital transformation, a basic phoneline HQ is a bygone concept.

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