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Self-Service - it’s what they want

Self-service used to get a bit of a bad rap. Oh, how the tables do turn.

Groans of “Can I just talk to a human please...?” have become prayers of “Can I just sort this myself?”

“I don’t want to deal with robots” has sea changed to “Tell me there’s a way to do this online?”

Wails of “This isn’t like it used to be!” have calmed to sighs of “I don’t know how I used to do it like that”

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The Digital Shift is Here for the Taking

When push came to shove for the digital shift, is when life turned into lockdown. Coronavirus has moved the world online faster than any marketing campaign could ever have done. From weddings to medical appointments and contact centres, some of our most primary interactions have gone virtual. And whilst wedding vows on Zoom might not catch on, for many businesses, this shift is not only working, but knocking old methods out the park.

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The Value of a Quick Response

Quick response is a lifeline for contact centres in unusual situations. And boy, have things been unusual lately. 2020 has already totally rebranded ‘business as usual’ into bizarre’s wildest brainchild. As we all continue to weather the whirlwind, here at Adexchange, we’re reflecting on the mitigating power of “quick response” messaging.

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Taking the Wins from Tone of Voice

What is TOV?

Tone of voice can feel like a slippery term. Guilty as charged: it is rooted in abstract ideas like inflection and emotional connection. But we should hold tight, because the benefits of tone of voice add up solidly in our success rates, in our revenue, and in the reductions in our workload. 

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Having Our Calls to Action Heard

Getting things done is one thing.

Getting other people to do things is another challenge entirely.

Consider your best mate. You might see them every day and message them constantly on WhatsApp, but they didn’t RSVP to your wedding in 1993.

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Secrets of Portals: Unlocked

A ‘portal’ might sound like a magical doorway into another realm.

But it should not feel like one.

Despite the word’s connotations with faraway lands, in business a portal should be a doorway to the practical and accessible. They’re places of questions quickly answered and processes calmly completed.

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