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Having Our Calls to Action Heard

Getting things done is one thing.

Getting other people to do things is another challenge entirely.

Consider your best mate. You might see them every day and message them constantly on WhatsApp, but they didn’t RSVP to your wedding in 1993.

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Secrets of Portals: Unlocked

A ‘portal’ might sound like a magical doorway into another realm.

But it should not feel like one.

Despite the word’s connotations with faraway lands, in business a portal should be a doorway to the practical and accessible. They’re places of questions quickly answered and processes calmly completed.

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Make the Customer the Hero

Problems are always more fun when you think of them as adventures.

Sadly, when something stops working, no one says

“It’s broken FOR THE LOVE OF….I can’t wait for this adventure”

But there’s merit in applying storytelling theories to customer experience. If a problem arises, it helps to see our customer as a protagonist who seeks a happy ending. This can help us map their optimal journey to resolution. The problem is, many people think this only gives our agents the chance to step in as fairy godmother.

It’s nearly 2020 kids, we say let Cinderella fight her own battles.

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How do I say?

“Jolly Green Giant” sounds like a good guy to know, doesn’t he?

For years he’s been encouraging kids to eat their greens. He smiles from shop shelves, sporting leafy togas on tins of sweetcorn.

But when his title was translated to Arabic, our gentle giant’s persona changed.

His alter-ego “Intimidating Green Monster” was born. Broccoli’s version of the bogey man.

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Before you buy that expensive upgrade…

Investing in sparkly new tech can feel like waving a magic wand that will solve our business woes.

But has it ever done that?

Over the past 20 years we’ve been repeatedly told each new channel is going to solve our customer service problems. None of us would be here if this was the case.

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Watch This Space – The Power of Video

It’s no longer a debate, video is an unparalleled medium for communicating messages.

So much so, that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it’s watched, compared to just 10% when it’s read. (Medium.com)

So, if you remember one tenth of what you read here, remember this:

If you want to get something done, video how to do it.

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