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  • Tuesday 01 November

    Mind Your Tone: The Importance of Tone of Voice

    All of us have a brand voice, and in our experience the most successful companies have a single brand voice.…

    by Carina Martin
  • Monday 03 October

    Controlling Abandonment

    When analysing the performance of our IVRs we must remember to distinguish between the 2 very different types of abandonment:…

    by Nick Herbert
  • Thursday 01 September

    The Power of Words

    In our previous blog, The 5 Influencing Factors, we discussed the importance language has in encouraging different responses from customers.…

    by Suzy Hyatt
  • Monday 01 August

    Linguistics and Your IVR

    Expanding Business Abroad?  Over the past decade new technology has driven new international markets – and a new culture. Customer…

    by Miles Booth
  • Friday 01 July

    The 5 Influencing Factors: Get Better Results From Your Existing IVR

    IVRs surely face more accusations of failure and poor performance than any other customer touchpoint. It seems every company aspires…

    by Nick Herbert
  • Wednesday 01 June

    Measuring Our Customer Journeys

    The face of the digital landscape is changing, and at a rapid speed. Digital disruption now significantly impacts the way…

    by Katherine Isle
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